Expert Author Sarah Schwab
Everyone features a different approach to creative projects. I've worked with tons of clients, and there's not a one-size-fits all solution to getting it done. Some people are great with structure and planning while others are okay with a more seat-of-your pants approach.

It isn't about being right or wrong. There are pros and cons to every of those approaches. It's just important to acknowledge which approach is that the best fit you so you'll plan accordingly.


Some folks get into a content creation practice, and show up for it on a daily basis. that would be a day , every few days, or even once every week . These people are committed to putting out content consistently, and it becomes a part of their routine.

Deadline Meeters

For this group of individuals , the thought of making content every single week (or more!) is overwhelming. They understand the importance of content creation, but aren't always ready to prioritize it when there are numerous other things to try to to . But, give them a deadline and a touch accountability, and that they will catch on done. Usually just in time!

This approach requires a touch planning so as to line manageable deadlines that add up .


There is another group of highly organized people that wish to block out time to make tons of content directly . Then they will take an opportunity from creating while they drip that content out into the planet . That way, they need an intense period of content creation once every 4-12 weeks approximately . This works well when there are more people involved within the production process, and requires tons of advanced planning and scheduling.

Don't await "inspiration"

It is tempting to attend to make content until you are feeling inspired. Wouldn't it's great if you'll get into the flow, and let creativity and content come through you with ease?

It doesn't work that way.

If creating content depends on your mood, or your level of inspiration, you'll find it difficult to remain consistent. (And consistency is key!)

Those who are successful at creating content on a uniform basis employ these methods to assist them stay track. Either with a daily habit, set deadlines, or a batching schedule, also as a system for accountability.

Creative inspiration happens within the method , not as a prerequisite.

Part of what I do with clients is to spot the simplest content creation approach for them, and help keep them accountable thereto . It sounds boring on the face of it, but it's what allows the magic to unfold.


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