Expert Author Linda Hancock
This morning I met an older lady within the elevator and she or he began a touch conversation about where we were going. I stated "I'm off to work" and with an enormous smile she replied "That's good. You get purchased that, don't you?" i could not help but smile back.

Then, just before getting off at her floor she said "At least I can rise up , walk and do things".

What an honest attitude!

It jogged my memory of the importance of being thankful for the small things.

So many people complain about HAVING to figure or about their jobs. Some are unhappy about doing exercise or think that returning phone calls to family and friends may be a chore.

Well, my sister has been trapped during a body by MS for several years and there are numerous things that she wishes that she could do - like walk to the rest room - then be ready to sit on the toilet without help! Things that we deem granted are often impossible tasks for others who only wish they might do them.

On Monday, my youngest granddaughter was within the city and that i took her parents and her bent a restaurant to celebrate her seventh birthday. The server brought her a bit of cheesecake with one flickering candle. There weren't the other guests or gifts to open. No party games, clowns, jumping castles or special entertainers. only one little flickering candle, her parents and grandma. With large eyes and an enormous smile, Mikaeli leaned over, gave me a warm hug and said "This is that the absolute best day of my whole life!"

I was shocked!

Then her mother told me that she had said precisely the same thing the day before.

Wouldn't it's wonderful if every single day of your life was the absolute best one among your whole life? Perhaps it's and you only do not realize it!

It is very difficult to be bitter or upset if your heart is crammed with gratitude. And it doesn't take winning the lottery, a vacation within the Caribbean or receiving the "Citizen of the Year" award to be thankful.

It just takes a couple of minutes of commitment to acknowledge the small things that you simply enjoy on a day to day . just like the ability to steer to the rest room and sit on the toilet without help. Or the encouraging words of a stranger in an elevator. Or the very fact that we will choose a enter the outside . Or that we've work to try to to and therefore the ability to earn a day's pay.


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