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If you think email list building is important for your business then you are Wrong. Actually it is not just important but crucial to your online success and without it you will work hard and get nowhere fast.Here are some valuable tips and some proven strategies used by some of the best marketers in the business.

Perhaps you don't realize the importance of building your lists, in which case you are probably a newbie or don't realize how most internet marketers make their fortunes.

Maybe you are just too busy running your business and working your butt off trying to keep your business profitable etc., or if you think that email list building is hard, complicated or expensive, so you didn't do the crucial thing you needed to do. List building is not as hard as you might think.

There are many tools and resources available out there on the internet that can make your email list building task relatively easy, inexpensive and even fun. Just like in most endeavours, there is a right way and a wrong way to do something and building your lists included. There is a lot of garbage out there online, so it's hard to know who to trust and what information to keep and which to discard.A lot of that info is either out of date, incomplete or plain wrong.

Whatever your niche market happens to be, in fact even if your business is primarily offline, you need to focus on building your email lists for the following reasons.

One, by making it possible for your visitors and potential customers to leave their info in the optin box you are not leaving money on the table or bleeding traffic and you are starting to build a relationship with them thereby being able to send them your sales offers in the near and distant future.

There is a proven way to capture your visitors names and email addresses and establish this relationship but I don't have room for that here. The best way is to offer them something of great value or to help them solve their problem. This should be something of value like a free report, ebook, newsletter,free download of software or similar which you offer to send them when they leave their name and email address.

The right way to establish a relationship with your list, once you capture their names and email addresses, is to continue to send them useful and helpful information. The more value you give to them the more trust and respect you will get and they will become to see you as a friend and guess who they will rather buy from, a stranger or a friend.Sorry no prizes for a correct answer there.

A good reason to concentrate on your email list building is that you will make it much easier on yourself by freeing yourself from the hard work of promoting your business and expenses associated with it, like advertising costs. Whereas by having an email list of your own you can send out an offer to all your list by a click of a mouse, which will cost you next to nothing except some time to write your email and offer.

As long as your sales offer is of value to your list and you don't abuse this ability to reach your list by bombarding your list with constant sales offers without providing value in return, those people on your list will buy from you time and time again and stay on your list.

Now that you know, if you did not already know, how crucial email list building is to your success, go and put your efforts into learning how to build your lists as soon as possible.



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