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Are anti snoring devices a waste of your time and money and just a way for companies to make money from snorers desperately trying to stop snoring or can these devices really help you stop snoring seems to be quiet controversial.

So what is the truth?

I was shocked to see yesterday, just by chance, that one of my articles on this same subject at a health website got more than eight thousand views in the last year or so, which made it even more obvious that snoring is of so much an issue to people and that they are searching for solutions.

Being one of the millions that suffer from snoring, you understand how badly it affects you and others in your bed and outside of it.

If you go and search for anti snoring devices for example you get hundreds of thousand results and webpages. There is so much information on so many sites and so many snoring devices available that it gets confusing so you don't know where to start or who's advice to trust..

It gets even more confusing that some research says that there is little scientific evidence to suggest anti snoring devices help snorers to stop snoring yet manufactures come up with their own clinical trials showing the opposite.

Below is a short overview of what I think are the reasons for these contradictions which may help you in deciding if snoring devices can help you.

#1 Different snorers who have used the same snoring device will give different feedback about their experiences, some will say it helped them and that they are thrilled while others will say it did not help them one bit.

This can be explained by the fact that many snorers do not find the cause of their snoring before they buy a device and therefore end up using a wrong one which not only doe not work but could actually do them damage..

So, you need to find out the cause of your snoring first, by getting a medical check up.

One reason is not using the device correctly or the snorer stops using it because it is uncomfortable to use even though it might be a correct choice.

#2 The controversy about there being no scientific evidence for many of these snoring devices really helping snorers, may lie in the fact that not enough independent and thorough clinical trials are carried out for many of these products and the fact that many of the results of these in house trials are dressed up to be better than they actually are or are not extensive enough to pass scientific scrutiny.

#3 As there are so many anti snoring devices out there, like anti snoring chin straps,nasal strips and mouthpieces to name a few popular ones, and people are buying them in thousands every day suggests that they are helping many snorers despite many negative feed backs as well.. These devices may not help the snorers eliminate snoring altogether but they do help the snorer if the device used is the correct one, based on the cause of the snoring and not on the most popular or most expensive snoring device.

To conclude, anti snoring devices will help you stop snoring, but you must first find out the underlying reason for your snoring by consulting a doctor, purchase the correct snoring device and see how comfortable you feel wearing it during sleep, which means you might try a few different products of the same type from different manufacturers until you find something that fulfills your expectation..



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